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Winter hiking and cross-country skiing

Time: 12/20/2021 - 03/01/2022

Location: Baciu, Turcheș, Cernatu, Satulung, Zizin

Details: Domokos Jenő - mountain guide: +40748880734, Hlavathy Zsuzsánna - touristic manager: +40746029114

With the advent of winter and the deposition of a thick, stable snow, the Seven Village area awaits you for hiking and cross-country skiing.



Starting from Săcele (Baciu, Turceş, Cernatu, Satulung) or Tarlungeni commune (Purcăreni, Tarlungeni, Zizin). For the most experienced tours of one or several days in Ciucaş, Piatra Mare or Postăvaru Mountains.






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