What to visit

By activities we would like to acquaint the beauties, traditions, naturalism and variegation of the Barcasag. You can acquaint this place through handcrafting, hiking, cycling, going to sweeping flight, going skiing or trying snowboard or simply by a walk or a delicious dinner. Come and visit us. We are waiting.

Our local offers

The ethnographic museum from Săcele

Seven Ladders Canyon


Eastern egg decoration night

St. Michael’s Festival

The rooster shooting

Skiing in the alpine area

Poiana Braşov – Paradise of winter sports

Carnival burial in Apața



Our offers are from the Barcaság-Țara Bârsei region, especially from the ten Csángó villages.

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The opportunities for dining in Csángó settlements in the Barcaság-Țara Bârsei region are limited, so we crossed their borders, but we try to present restaurants serving the products of local producers.

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We recommend local guides and instructors, familiar with the mountains and settlements of Barcaság-Țara Bârsei, in order to make the visit as authentic as possible.

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